Radiation Shielding Construction

We help medical facilities and cancer treatment centers build or renovate treatment vaults for radiotherapy equipment. With over 30 years of experience, our design-build expertise will allow us to complete you project on time and within budget.


Over 30 years of specializing in radiation oncology construction


The go-to consultants for radiotherapy vault construction in the midwest

Construction Services


Project Development

Need to expand an existing room or build a new treatment space within an existing building? We’re experts in finding the best location and process of renovating existing buildings to fit a new treatment vault.


Design-Build Construction

Moving from an old machine to a new updated model or different manufacturer? We’re comfortable renovating any vault to accept a new machine. We can even correct shielding as needed.


Architectural & Engineering Design

Renting a commercial space and want to turn it into a medical facility? We’ve successfully converted over 20 different commercial spaces into medical facilities.


Physics Design & Testing

Installing a new machine? Bringing in new equipment can require changes to existing shielding to ensure a safe environment.

Construction Solutions

Cast-In-Place Construction

Mobile Vault Construction

Modular Vault Construction

Shielding Vault Design

Need an experts opinion?

Our company has been a guiding hand to medical facilities for over 20 years, we help medical facilities determine the feasibility of their location and project scope: 


Keep your project on budget by eliminating any issues before construction starts.


Determine if the current vault is suitable to accept your new machine.


Create a roadmap strategy that outlines the necessary renovations to accept a new machine.

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